Collage of TQA's Heteroglossia

While this collage fails, certainly, to capture every facet of The Quiet American’s complex heteroglossia, I have attempted to juxtapose the novel’s most prevalent intra- and extratextual voices in a logically coherent schematic.  In the middle, I put Green atop the collage; he has created everything below, though the different characters and heteroglossic devices take on their own identities.  Fowler and Pyle (represented here by their Hollywood doubles, for lack of better imagery), obviously, are the most prominent voices in the text.  Much is said and implied though their dialogue, and through Fowler’s narration.  I thought it important to include York Harding, too, whose impersonal presence becomes manifest strongly through Pyle.  Outside the realm of Greene and his creations, I have included an array of outside voices that shaped both Greene’s understanding of the Vietnam situation, and the reader’s historical understanding today.