Below are two Wordle wordclouds, the first rendered from an excerpt of The Quiet American’s first chapter, the second rendered from this review of Greene’s novel by Charles Dodd White.  You can click on the images below to view them full-sized.

This exercise asks you to link words from the two wordclouds and elaborate on their relationships.  Pick at least one term from the first wordcloud, rendered from the book itself, then find a word from the second, rendered from words used to describe the book, and write approximatly 300 words of analysis: How are these two terms related in the context of the novel? You might bring in additional terms from the wordclouds into your analysis, as well, if they seem relevant. Your parallels and conclusions don’t, by any means, have to be the same as White’s; these word-images merely present a new vocabulary for thinking about The Quiet American and its surrounding context.

One final instruction: To avoid reiteration of the same concepts, I encourage you to pick one of the less prevalent (smaller) words from the first wordcloud. This will help us look beyond the boldfaced comparisons of Fowler-Pyle, America-Vietnam, etc.

View a sample response.